Prepare your child for Grade 1

The three years of Kindergarten (Nursery, LKG,UKG) progresses into 5 years of Primary (Grade 1-5).
The three years of Kindergarten (Nursery, LKG,UKG) progresses into 5 years of Primary (Grade 1-5).
  • Interactive classrooms to guide from what they know to what they are expected to know
  • Group work for developing social skills & applying concepts
  • "Reading aloud" as a building block to learning to read
  • Library stocked with age-appropriate books
  • Enrichment programmes in Math & Science to take learning beyond the textbook
Beyond Academics
  • Future leaders developing their personality & working to the best of their ability
  • Quality Circle Time, Likeskills, Mindfulness practices to self identify & manage emotions
  • Contemporary dance, songs in different languages & theater provides a platform for self expression
  • Team Games for social skills, sheer amusement & unbridled fun
Experimental Learning
  • Field trips to support classroom teaching and for exposure to practical aspects of learning
  • Encouraging 'Readers for Life' and unlocking the power of literature through meeting authors and multi-art experiences
  • Exposure to various art forms through performances and interactions with great artistes
  • Theme based assemblies like Health, Friendships etc. to showcase to a larger audience
  • Teachers make Children's Day special
  • 'Darpan' for developing presentation skills and ability to interact with the audience
  • Observation of special days Independence Day, Annual Day, Sports day etc. to come together & celebrate



Parent of Vaishnavi K Grade 2 2018

My daughter participated in Skating Open District tournament . She qualified for semi finals and came second last in the race,was against big and fierce girls of age 10-12 yrs. Though she didn't finish the race on time, she took her time complete the required laps (400m) and didn't give up half way. She did feel bad that she couldn't go further in the competition,but also shared that " her teacher has told not to give up". I want to thank all her teachers from Pre primary to Grade 2 for consistently imparting such progressive thinking.

Aarzoo Sen

Grade 10 2018

I'm going to be honest in telling you that the biggest disadvantage of being in Samhita for so long is that you could never possibly summarise the beautiful journey you have had there. I believe it is one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore because it really focuses on personal growth amidst a demanding curriculum. What makes The Samhita Academy such a memorable home is the love and care given by every teacher and staff member, that creates a huge impact on the student culture and behaviour. I believe I have matured as a human being through this school, to become a compassionate global citizen, and hopefully someday, a future leader!