The middle and senior school (grade 6 -12) curriculum fosters a learning environment that lays a strong academic foundation and provides a sensitive, nurturing environment. Students feel supported and confident as they experience the challenges of the transitional years from childhood to adolescence. Our proactive approach to curriculum and immersive teaching methods empower students with academic, social and emotional skills. This enables them to excel in whatever they choose.

  • Emphasis on structured learning experience
  • Voicing opinion and respecting differences
  • Interactive teaching and learning methods
  • Stimulating thinking skills and making informed choices
  • Nurturing scientific temper and spirit of enquiry
Beyond Academics
  • Pursuing hobbies and building social skills
  • Imbibing values and manifesting behavior
  • Fostering leadership and responsible behaviour
  • Physical fitness and skill development
  • Cultivating creativity through performing and visual art
  • Remedial and counselling support
  • Career guidance and decision making
Experimental Learning
  • Exploring global opportunities
  • Appreciating different cultural perspective
  • Exercising social responsibility
  • Leveraging resources and making smart decisions
  • Cultural

  • Sporting

  • Special days