Senior Secondary

Subject combinations offered in 11th Grade

CBSE Affiliated

  • CBSE board recognised nationally and internationally
  • Engineering entrances are aligned with the CBSE curriculum
  • Rigour prepares you well for further graduate studies
  • Requires you to take only one language (English is an option)

Science stream

  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology

Commerce stream

  • Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and Applied Mathematics
  • Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and Psychology
  • Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and Entrepreneurship





From playgrounds to classrooms, the entire 6 acres of our campus are dedicated to our students physical and emotional safety.
We want children to have fun even as they learn, play and make friends.


The success of education The Samhita way is evident in our students performance at these key milestones