Learning takes place both in and outside the classroom. At the Samhita Academy, we pack the year with learning experiences that take the children beyond their comfort zone. Our co-curricular framework includes sports, art, culture, extended learning, careers, clubs, student councils and more.

Competition is undoubtedly important but the bigger goal of playing a sport is to exercise different skills all at once, movement, technique, agility, strength, strategy, team work and mental tenacity. These are skills that extend beyond the sporting field.
In the primary grades, we work on laying a strong foundation in sports and fitness. Children learn how to use their bodies and to move the right way. They understand the rules of different kinds of sports. Body management, balance, cognitive and social skills are also exercised.

Children from grades 4 to 10 have participated and won in different badminton championships. We also have two basketball teams that have won many inter-school tournaments. Our Sports Day is packed with track and field events, tournaments, group matches, relays and more. Our children also take part in various CBSE sports meets and have won against many top sporting teams from different schools in the city.

Children come with different passions, interests and talents. While talent is key, encouraging and building that passion is equally important. We showcase our children's talent in dance, music, art and theatre but also guide them in these pursuits by bringing the best teaching and performing talent in the country. For example, auditioning for a play is such an important life skill and a professional requisite, should the child ever want to pursue theatre as a career. Practice, discipline, coordination and time management are other skills that children develop when practicing for music, dance and drama.
We have an annual program giving exposure to traditional performance arts from artists across India. This is a great way for children to not just learn a dance form but to understand the professional life of a dancer.

Festivals are celebrated with much grandeur and enthusiasm across all grades. From drawing rangolis and decorating classrooms to organizing assemblies on the origin of festivals, children have a wonderful time celebrating festivals as diverse as Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Dasera, Diwali, and Christmas!

The annual day is a kaleidoscope of talent and interests. From a Western music performance with guitars, keyboards and synthesizers to children choreographing and performing dances from various parts of India, the Annual Day is a great way to showcase our school’s diversity.

Whether it is tinkering at the Science Ashram, exploring a paper mill or visiting a traffic management center, we pack our children's learning experiences with many field trips. These are fabulous ways of extending the child's learning beyond the classroom and to experience day-to-day skills at work.

Our children are given the freedom to craft theme-based assemblies every working day morning. An assembly is a great way to start the day, showcase talent, and work as a team.

Automation and AI are drastically rewriting the job market. At the Samhita Academy, we introduce children to the huge changes that are taking place. Photography, radio jockeying, hospitality, animation and cyber security are some of the industries that we have covered so far.

    School clubs are great ways of discovering various interests. We have the following clubs at the Samhita Academy:

  • Quiz
  • Literary and Creative
  • Spotlight - Social Awareness
  • Bookworms
  • Model UN
  • The Incredibles – Culinary Club
  • Eco Club

    Academic skills are nothing without the life skills that make them stick. The world is changing. Identities are evolving and children find themselves caught in many emotional and social crossfires without the tools to navigate these problems.
    The school’s life skills framework has these components:

  • Social emotional intelligence
  • Diversity
  • Values
  • Adolescent Education
  • Program
  • Study Skills
  • Sexuality
  • Gender Sensitivity
  • Cyber safety
  • Anti-bullying

    To encourage leadership and organisational skills in our children our work education program focuses on the following:

  • Adult literacy
  • Press club
  • Eco club
  • Mentorship of Juniors
  • Student council and leadership

    The Samhita Academy encourages children to compete in various inter-school contests. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Spell bee
  • Quiz
  • Eco club
  • Your Big Idea -- the Entrepreneurial Challenge
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